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2014. PhD degree, the purpose of artistic dissertation is The importance of material selection in realization of artistic work – wax as a basic material, presented in the exhibition It’s all about love, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
2009. Master's degree, Faculty of Fine Arts, painting, Belgrade, Serbia      
2003. School of Art Crafts, course: Conservation of Cultural Assets, Šabac, Serbia
2010. Course: How to write artistic and curators’ projects, SULUJ, mentor - Noa Treister from Israel 
2009. Short term studies, Center for International Studies of Arts, Florence, Italy


2021. Space of existence, Sales Gallerie, Belgrade, Serbia;

2016. Dijalog , Suluj gallery, Belgrade, Serbia;

2015. Solo drawing exhibition, Gallery of Kraljevo, Serbia; 

2014. Solo drawing exhibition, Gallery of National museum, Smederevska Palanka, Serbia;

2013. Solo show It's All About Love, Gallery FLU, Belgrade, Serbia

2011. Solo painting Exhibition, Kucera, Rakovica, Serbia; 

2011. Solo painting Exhibition, Contemporary art,  Gallery Smederevo, Serbia;

2010. Solo show Honeycomb, Cultural Center, Šabac, Serbia;           

2010. Performance, Eat me slowly, Belgrade Youth Center (DOB), gallery Warehouse;

2009. Solo painting Exhibition Students Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia;


2015. Residency at GLO´ART - Global Art Center, Belgium

2015. Artistic workshop, Zagorje, Croatia 

2015. Artistic workshop, Kiseljak, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2014. Residency, Cité internationale des arts, Paris, France            

2013. Artistic workshop, Joakim Osogovski, Macedonia

2013. Artistic workshop, Lika, Croatia
2010/2011. Demonstrator / contributor in teaching, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
2011. Restoration, Regional Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Kraljevo, Serbia
2011. Residency, Studioausstellung, Dusseldorf
2011. Contributor, internet portal Creemaginet 
2011. Artistic workshop, Gračanica, Republic of Kosovo
2009. Outside project, exchange program in the field of contemporary art education, Italy 2009.
2008. Voluntary work, restoration, La Bastide, France
2008. Artist's workshop, Lipolist, Serbia 

Illustrations for promotion project (book), in organization of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Serbia

(published in Brazil and Argentina) 
Member of free painters commune Quay
Member of association of visual artist, ULUS

2010. Award for best artistic work, October Salon, Šabac, Serbia
2010. Award for the best painting, Biennial of Art, Smederevo, Serbia 
2010. Purchase award of National Museum, Šabac city 
2008. Ljubica Cuca Sokić award, for painting of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia


2017. Performance Love me two times, Gallery U10, Belgrade

2017.  Scene 2, Šabac Serbia

2017.  60th October Salon, Šabac, Serbia

2017Dev9t, Belgrade, Serbia

2017.  MiniFORMart,Friday gallery, Belgrade

2016. Gallery Cultural Center Vračar, Exhibition of drawings, Live scene of Serbia, Belgrade

2016. 59 October Salon, Šabac, Serbia

2016. Gallery 73, Artistic colony Ada, Belgrade, Serbia

2015. Exhibition of artistic workshop Zagorje, Croatia

2015. Exhibition of artistic workshop, Kiseljak, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2015. 59 October Salon, Šabac, Serbia

2015. October Salon, Ciglana, Belgrade, Serbia

2015. Biennial of drawings, Pančevo, Serbia

2015. Auction of drawings, Šabac, Serbia

2013. 6th international pastel biennial, Poland

2013. Mirror of discrimination, Serbia

2013. Triennial of Extended Media, Ulus, Serbia

2013. Museum night, Belgrade, Serbia

2013. Joakim Osogovski workshop exhibition, Macedonia

2013. Lika in heart, Croatia

2012. The International Biennial of Miniature Art, Serbia

2012. The International exhibition Woman painters, Serbia

2012. Open studio night, Serbia

2012. Niš drawings exhibition, Serbia

2011. October Salon, National Museum, Šabac, Serbia

2011. Drawings of Niš, Gallery of Contemporary Art Niš, Serbia

2011. Exhibition of artistic colony Gračanica, Republic of Kosovo

2011. Two men show, Studio Studioausstellung, Düsseldorf, Germany; 

2011. 55. October Salon, National museum, Serbia

2010. Graf 1, PhD students

2010. October Salon, Šabac, Serbia

2010. International exhibition of miniature art, Religion, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2010. Exhibition of New members of ULUS, Belgrade

2010. Drawings, DOB Belgrade, Serbia

2010. Biennial of art, Smederevo, Serbia

2009. Thinking cities, La Corte Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy

2009. Spring exhibition, Serbia

2009. Women painters, international exhibition, Majdanpek, Serbia

2009. Belgrade miniature, Singidunum, Belgrade, Serbia

2009. Belgrade Exhibition of drawings, House of army, Belgrade, Serbia
2008. Exhibition, Residency of Đura Jakšić Belgrade, Serbia

2008. November salon, Kraljevo, Serbia

2008. Awarded students of the Academy of fine Arts, FLU, Belgrade, Serbia

2008. Drawings and sculptures of small size, DOB, Belgrade, Serbia
2008. Drawings, Goethe Institute, Belgrade, Serbia


2014. Grands for residency program  Cité internationale des arts, Paris, France - Ministry of Culture and information of Republic of Serbia 

2014. Grand for realization of PhD project It's All About Love - municipality Bogatić

2014. Grant for PhD studies, Ministry of Educations Republic of Serbia, Foundation for development of scientific and artistic youth  (2010 – 2014 )         

2010. Grand for project Eat me slowly - Ministry of Culture and information of Republic of Serbia.

2010. Grant for Master studies, Ministry of Youth and Sport, Young people with talent - foundation

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